For Love of Country

Resolving Lack of Nationalism in Today’s Filipino Youth

Nationalism can be defined as the love for one’s country. It is the root of economic, social, and environmental prosperity. However, the lack of nationalism among the youth today is becoming worse. It is important to address this problem because the youth is supposed to be the nation’s hope as they are the nation’s future leaders. If these future leaders are lacking of nationalistic values, then they might become the source of corruption and poverty instead. This is because if the young ones are apathetic of the nation’s situations, then surely they will not take part in the improvement of the country. Nevertheless, the problem on lack of nationalism and patriotism of the Filipino youth today can be solved though education, mass media, and celebrations.

Nationalism among the youth can be strengthened through education. Education is a path in order for the youth to become aware of their cultural roots and for them to know the cause of freedom that they are enjoying today. It is the source of appreciation of one’s country as it can ignite one’s patriotic spirit. For instance, by studying history, Filipino youth becomes knowledgeable of heroes’ great sacrifices for the country. As a result, the heroes’ acts may influence the thinking of the youth. This solution can be easily implemented because it is supported by laws for, today, some laws are promulgated with the purpose of fostering nationalism and patriotism among the youth through education. One example is the R.A. 1425 otherwise known as Rizal law which mandated every university and college to include in their curriculum the study of life, works, and writings of Rizal. Such laws received oppositions by the Church because friars’ oppressions happened during Rizal’s time. This opposition can be taken into consideration by providing provisos and exceptions to the laws.

Mass media such as television, newspapers, journals can take part in the improvement of nationalism in the Philippines. News and other articles can influence the minds of Filipino youth. If media create sensible topics that can arise one’s love for the country, then the youth today may be able to learn to manifest zeal in contributing to the betterment of the country. Through media, Filipino youth becomes aware of issues concerning the nation’s political, economic, social, and environmental status. This solution is feasible since youth today are fond of watching televisions, surfing internet, and reading articles on social networking sites. It can be easily implemented because of the advanced and widespread technology. However, some media tend to pattern and suit their articles to the new trends because most of the Filipinos today are engaging themselves only in activities that are in accordance with their generation’s trends which somehow exclude nationalistic interests. To resolve this, the media shall know how to effectively influence the youth on nationalistic topics and not the other way around.

Celebrations can also be one of the solutions in addressing the problem on lack of nationalism. Special days and holidays such as National Heroes’ Day, Rizal Day, and Bonifacio Day shall be celebrated with great effort. As people continue to celebrate special days and holidays that reminisce heroes’ great deeds, the past nationalists’ sacrifices will not be put in vain. These will help boost nationalism among the youth if they learn to appreciate these simple ways of remembering. However, nowadays, holidays and special days are not greatly celebrated. These special days are even taken for granted. Filipino youths regard these holidays only as rest days. They are, sometimes, unaware of the celebration itself. Education and articles by the media can make the people become aware of the meaning of holidays that they are celebrating with.

In conclusion, through education, mass media, and celebrations, the lack of nationalism and patriotism in today’s youth can be solved. If these solutions are to be adopted, people will learn the true ideals of patriotism and nationalism. In order to carry out these solutions, participation of all the people, youth or not, is needed.


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